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Laura S. Blackman Discusses Online Perils In Relationships

October 6, 2015
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tinder, Jswipe, and the list goes on and on ... Social networks have popped up all over the Web. Social media is a daily routine in our society and the interaction is dramatically changing the way people communicate with one another. "Flirting" in texts, tweets, Facebook and the numerous online dating sites have become a huge disruption in relationships and marriages.
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Laura S. Blackman Explores The Importance Of Coming to Grips With Both Fear And Trust In A Marriage

April 1, 2015
Are you or someone you know in a relationship or marriage which is just not healthy anymore for you or your family? Are you curious as to what your rights are and what the law is in Florida regarding divorce? What are negotiable issues and what are the non-negotiable issues when determining to stay in a broken or unhealthy relationship or marriage?
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Control Your Own Destiny Without Court

March 13, 2015
Are you are contemplating divorce but worried about spending all of your marital assets on attorneys fees? Are you fearful of your financial future? Are you sad at the loss of your family unit and fear destroying your family in the process of a publicly litigated divorce? Do you want privacy for your financial and family affairs during your divorce? Do you feel there is a power imbalance between you and your spouse? If you answered yes to any of these questions and wish to control your own destiny by breaking the cycle of conflict, you should learn more about collaborative divorce.
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Laura S. Blackman Pens Article For "Simply The Best" Magazine On The Topic Of Dating During Divorce

March 1, 2015
Divorce itself can be stressful enough and fraught with more uncertainty than many adults have ever confronted before in their lives. So once they are ready to move on and begin meeting new people, there are undoubtedly going to be a myriad of questions they constantly ask themselves. In this piece, Laura discusses some of the most important rules to keep in mind.
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